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Pet Odor Removal Service

There is some wonderful science that has been introduced to our industry in recent years. There are extremely effective anti-microbials, oxidizers, and other treatment products (available only to certified firms) that, when used properly, can solve most urine problems.

Nu-Way Systems pet odor specialists will eliminate pet odors by locating and destroying odor-causing bacteria in your carpeting. By destroying the bacteria, we’ve eliminated the odor at its source, and can guarantee it will not return. Nu-Way Systems’ pet odor treatment restores a healthy environment, and leaves your carpets fresh, clean and safe.

The Dangers of Urine in Your Carpet

Pet urine causes odors when it dries and leaves bacteria contaminated deposits in your carpet. Deposits are sometimes not seen by the naked eye. This bacteria is living and growing, and it will not go away over time. This bacteria is considered a Health Hazard, that can contribute to your family’s illnesses, allergies, and more.

Think about this: Walking barefoot, small children crawling – putting hands to mouth, and lying on the floor watching TV. This dangerous bacteria will come in contact with your family, and will become air-borne and breathed in during vacuuming. Simply stated, urine in your carpet left untreated by a quality professional will not leave you with a healthy indoor environment.

What We Do

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First we will locate the contaminated areas. You have the option of having us perform a Specialized Inspection that will isolate each and every urine deposit – even ones you can’t see with the naked eye. Or, we can treat areas that you specify.

Our ability to fully guarantee the treatment will depend on the results of the Specialized Inspection.

To treat the odor effectively all deposits must be located. We use industry established high-powered detection lamps to inspect the entire carpet. The lamp illuminates urine salts allowing our technicians to locate even the smallest areas of contamination.

Nu-Way Systems’ technicians then clean, disinfect, and treat all contaminated areas with Environmentally Safe Products that have been “Real-World” Tested and proven. In severely contaminated areas we can replace the carpet pad and tackless strip as needed, and the back of the carpet and surrounding floor are cleaned and treated.

What most companies do

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Most carpet cleaners only mask odors using the shotgun approach. They’ll saturate your entire carpet with harsh chemicals and strong perfumes in hopes of “Covering” the odor.

A common complaint about our industry is that the urine stains and the odor reappears a day or two after the service is done. This is due to the fact that few companies are removing the urine at its source.

You see, urine doesn’t just sit on the surface of the carpet fibers (which is all that most companies address). Gravity will pull it down in to the carpet backing, padding, and to the floor.

The only way to effectively treat urine is to deal with ALL of it. Even if you treat the affected carpet fibers well, the urine that is in the backing and padding will resurface. That is why many homeowners have such a hard time trying to remove the stains. They simply don’t have the means to deal with the urine that has reached further than the carpet fibers.

At Nu-Way Systems we can locate exactly every spot of odor-causing bacteria so we can efficiently remove the odor at all sources. This thorough process assures you that all odors are eliminated and bacteria are removed.

Nu-Way’s pet odor removal process restores a healthy environment and leaves your carpet fresh, clean and safe.

Our process employs only the safest and most efficient, Green, environmentally safe products. Nu-Way Systems constantly test new products and procedures to take advantage of the latest technology. Our process is also effective against smoke and odors caused by other contamination.

If you have an odor problem in your home, office, automobile, boat, etc. —call Nu-Way Systems—we are committed to providing you the best in odor removal services!

“Considering the nature of our situation / pet stains (cat + dog) our Techs & sales were very informed. We truly appreciate the Integrity & Honesty of our technicians. Their Service was Awesome. Thank you.”

– Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Minton, Elgin, Illinois

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