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Attention!!  Carpet Mills, Designers, Construction Firms, and Carpet Warehouses & Distributors.

There is an economical solution for side match problems caused by hue differences in carpet panels!


Specialists in Carpet Dyeing

Nu-Way Systems was founded in 1981 and specializes in on-site carpet dyeing for commercial and residential clients.

Nu-Way Systems has built its business on service. We are committed to providing prompt and courteous service, an honest evaluation of your carpet needs, the highest quality workmanship, and a satisfaction guarantee backed by over a quarter century of carpet dyeing, repair, and cleaning services.

We have corrected literally thousands of jobs with Side Match and Color Variance problems.


Nu-Way Systems’ Side Match Solution

Nu-Way Systems will focus years of carpet dyeing expertise on your side match and color variance problems.

We offer you:

  • Inspection and evaluation of your side match problems
  • Quotes in writing
  • Highly trained and insured technicians
  • Fast turnaround times
  • A satisfaction guarantee
  • Industry references

Side Match Service Area

We currently service the Greater Chicagoland area and all of the Northern Illinois market.

We have also serviced Wisconsin, Indiana, Mid and Southern Illinois, and Michigan, and will consider opportunities to correct side match problems throughout the Midwest.


The Nu-Way Systems’ Carpet Dyeing Process

Side Match Correction Performed on Location

Nu-Way Systems’ technicians dye carpet on location with minimal interruption to you or your client’s business.

Liquid carpet dyes

Nu-Way Systems uses only liquid carpet dyes. The use of liquid dyes eliminates the color walk-off and uneven coverage associated with powdered dyes.  Our process allows us to correct Side Match and other color variances using a minimal amount of water, while still keeping the carpet looking like it naturally should.

A Proven Proprietary Application Process

Nu-Way Systems has developed and perfected a re-dye process that is clean, odorless, fast drying, and as permanent as the original mill dyes.

Beautiful, even colors

Beautiful, even colors are the hallmark of a Nu-Way Systems dyed carpet. A Nu-Way re-dyed carpet looks natural, is soft to the touch, and ready for use only hours after the dye application.

Contact Information

For Additional Information About Nu-Way Systems’ Side Match Solutions please contact:


Bill Wax


Rick Drew




Before After
 side matchbefore  side matchafter
Before After
 side matchbefore  side matchafter
Before After
 side matchbefore  side matchafter
Off in Color at Seam After Color Blending
off in color at seam 3 after color blending3
Side Match Before Side Match After
side match before 4 side match after 4
Before Color Blending After Color Blending
photo photo2
Before Color Blending After Color Blending
photo photo2
Off in Color After Color Blending
photo photo2
Before After
Before After




“Repairs + restretching were affordable and made carpet look great. It was great to have everything done at once – cleaning, repairs and restretching. Cleaned carpets looked refreshed + restored.”

– Jan Wilson, Crystal Lake, Illinois


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