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Wall to Wall Carpet Dyeing


An Environmentally Friendly Option


Nu-Way Systems Carpet Dyeing & Cleaning is proud to be part of the solution to minimizing carpets filling our landfills.  Our carpet dyeing process has literally prevented millions of pounds of carpet as waste.   Not to mention our Clean-for-Health Process significantly lengthens the life of all of our client’s carpet.



Clean – Odorless – Fast Drying


Carpet dyeing is a process that re-dyes wall-to-wall carpet on location in homes, condos, offices and apartments. The process is clean, odorless, fast drying, and as permanent as your original mill dyes. Stains, fades, discoloring, and permanent soiling are no longer reasons to replace your carpeting. A Nu-Way Systems’ dyed carpet is beautiful in color, soft to the touch, ready for use in hours, and impossible to detect.


Nu-Way Systems is Northern Illinois’ largest on-location carpet dyeing company. We have re-dyed thousands of color damaged carpets since 1981. A Nu-Way Systems dyed carpet looks beautiful and provides years of additional service. Best of all, our carpet dyeing clients realize substantial savings compared to the cost of purchasing new carpeting.  Owners of rental properties, Realtors, and people trying to sell their homes are among the most frequent clients we serve with this great process.


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With our unique process we blend in faded areas, spot dye stain and bleach spots, and rejuvenate tired colors. Most carpets can be re-dyed to like-new condition with a minimal change to the original carpet color.


We take pride in leaving your home clean with no evidence that your carpet has been dyed. Our process will not leave dye on walls, doors, baseboards, or fixtures. Our dyes are permanent, will not walk-off, and will not clean off with future carpet cleanings.


If sun-fading, permanent stains, or bleach spots have damaged your carpet color, or if your carpet color simply looks dull and washed out—Nu-Way Systems has the solution. We will re-dye your carpet to like-new condition at a fraction of replacement cost.




Before After
Faded Carpet Before Dye Faded Carpet After Dye
Sun Fading Before Dye Sun Fade After Dye
Faded Carpet Before Dye Faded Carpet After Dye


“Repairs + restretching were affordable and made carpet look great. It was great to have everything done at once – cleaning, repairs and restretching. Cleaned carpets looked refreshed + restored.”

– Jan Wilson, Crystal Lake, Illinois

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